Turmeric and Cinnamon sugar scrub


Say good bye to acne, blemishes and uneven skin tone with our Turmeric and Cinnamon sugar scrub for face and body.

Turmeric and Cinnamon sugar scrub was specifically formulated to treat and heal problematic skin. The therapeutic benefits of this blend comfort, nurture and aid skin healing making it perfect for treating acne and blemishes. This exfoliating and nourishing sugar scrub is formulated with Turmeric root, Cinnamon bark and luxurious and rich butters and oils that soften and leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft, and silky. Brown and white sugars are used to create a gentle exfoliating polish that refines, smooths, and detoxifies the skin. Used regularly, this scrub will help to alleviate acne, blemishes, dry, rough skin and impart a luxurious silky texture and vibrant glow.

* Contains raw turmeric root and Cinnamon bark
* Helps reduce blemishes
* Evens skin tone
* Fights off acne
* Helps brighten the skin

Ingredients: Brown and White sugar, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rice bran oil, Shea butter, Turmeric extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Emulsifying wax, Castile soap, Stearic acid, Vitamin E, preservative & fragrance


5oz, 10oz


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