Pineapple and Sugar cane sugar scrub


Get that extra exfoliating action without the irritation with our Pineapple and sugar cane sugar scrub.

What does it do for you?

Need some extra exfoliation in your sugar scrub? Our Pineapple and Sugar cane sugar scrubs will gently exfoliate without irritating your skin so you can glow.

This sugar scrub gives you that extra exfoliating action with naturally occuring alpha hydroxy acids. Pineapple and sugar cane both contain enzymes and natural acids that work to loosen dead skin skin cells beyond the surface. These enzymes and acids work just as well as your chemical peel but without the irritation, revealing beautiful, bright skin.

Exfoliate away rough, dry skin
Natural occurring AHA melts away dead cells without irritation
Made with real, locally grown sugar cane and pineapple
Smells like fresh, cool Pineapple chunks


5oz, 10oz


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