Hibiscus & Guava Sugar Scrub


Gently firm and lift while removing dead skin and moisturizing!

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Our Hibiscus and Guava Exfoliating Sugar scrub is a natural exfoliant and humectant that moisturizes and brightens skin.  Infused with organic Hibiscus flowers and real Guava juice, this invigorating sugar scrub is the perfect exfoliator to incorporate into your weekly routine.  Hibiscus is also referred to as “Natures Botox Plant” for its ability to firm and lift the skin.  It also provides natural healing properties that aid in increasing skin cell turnover and minimizing age spots.  It’s great for acne-prone skin as well.

* Anti aging
* Natural source of vitamin C aids in the production of collagen
* Helps to firm and tighten skin
* Exfolliating


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