Hibiscus and Aloe facial Toning mist


Need some extra hydration and an antioxidant boost to your facial care routine? Then our Hibiscus and Aloe toning mist is just for you.

Hibiscus and Aloe toning mist is packed with antioxidants to protect skin from free radicals, it also aids in the reduction of pore size and gives a boost of hydration to dry, thirsty skin. It also helps sooth irritated skin and improves skin elasticity.

All our products are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, SLS Free and Handmade in our beautiful sunny, Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago!

•Contains Hibiscus to tone skin, helps increase Collagen production
•Aloe vera to moisturize, sooth and protect skin
•Refreshes and hydrating your complexion.
•Apply after face wash and before moisturizer.
•Natural formula for toning, shrinking pores and leaving skin pH balanced.
•Free of sulfates or other detergents, artificial fragrances, dyes or any other toxins, vegan and GMO free. •Perfectly Clean.
•For all skin types.


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