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Our Coconut Cream Exfoliating Body Scrub feels just like a trip to a Caribbean paradise, our Caribbean paradise to be exact- sweet Trinidad and Tobago. It’s fresh, relaxing and smells wonderfully of coconut with a touch of vanilla. Just scrub up with this Coconut cream exfoliator and you’ll have beautiful skin that feels softer and smoother.

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Over time, dead skin cells can build up leaving skin looking dull. And while our skin naturally sheds these dead skin cells away, our Coconut Body Scrub can help speed things up so you can have softer-feeling skin sooner. It gently buffs away old, dull skin with its granulated texture, leaving fresh and happy skin in its place.

We are very proud to say that all of Mountain Rose’s sugar scrubs, are also enriched with locally grown, hand picked cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from the shores of Cedros bay right here in Trinidad and Tobago. We love this coconut cream scrub. It’s the perfect tropical treat to help smooth and refine skin and so refreshing you can smell it.

Pair it with our Coconut cream body butter for the ultimate tropical experience and watch your skin glow like a Caribbean goddess!

A dreamy, creamy body exfoliator
Helps skin feel smoother and more refined
Sweet, light, coconut scent with just a touch of vanilla
Enriched with locally grown, hand picked, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from our Cedros bay right here in Trinidad and Tobago

Weight 14 oz


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