Charcoal and Tea tree sugar scrub


Our Charcoal and Tea tree sugar scrub will decongest your skin by drawing out toxins, dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup from deep within your pores, helping to clear up acne and other skin irritations while sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin.

Our Charcoal and tea tree sugar scrub is just the thing for blemished, troubled skin. It’s enriched with pure tea tree essential oil and activated bamboo charcoal, it gently buffs away dirt, grime, leftover makeup and excess oil. It also helps to clear away dead skin cells allowing fresh new ones to come to the surface The result? Skin is left feeling squeaky clean and purified.

Gentle enough for every day use, this exfoliating sugar scrub gets to work as soon as it touches your skin.
If you’re on the hunt for a face scrub for oily skin and blemishes, then say hello to your new best friend. The only thing left to do is try it for yourself.

*Enriched with pure tea tree oil
*Skin is left feeling cleaner and looking clearer
*Perfect for blemished skin in need of some extra care


5oz, 10oz


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