About the CEO

The story of how Mountain Rose came about is a unique one. While you may here alot of skin care and hair care artisan say that they started their business because they had skin or hair issues or because they wanted to use clean and more natural based products this isn’t so much the case with Mountain Rose’s CEO (Chief Everything Officer) Cindy-ann Phillips aka Nala.

Mountain Rose the brand was created as a way out of depression for its CEO. You see, Cindy-ann was going thru a really sad and depressing break up from a man she loved dearly, this man was everything she wanted and was searching for after having her heart broken so many times and almost giving up on love.

It took such a toll on her that she sank into depression and even had self esteem issues, asking herself if she wasn’t good enough for someone to love and cherish her and even wandering if God had put her here to be alone and she even wondered if He too had abandoned her. She even contemplated ending her life as she wondered if she was even a good mother.

One day she could not take it anymore. As she stood in pray with tears flowing from her eyes she cried out- “ya Allah help me, I cannot do this anymore”. That’s when everything changed. She decided that she would bring herself out of that depression and put that energy into doing something else. She turned to making skin care. Since she already made her own hair and skin care products and also made products for her cousin who by the way always told her to make and sell her products, Cindy-ann decided to study formulating natural based skin and hair care products every chance she got. She researched ingredients and the effect they have on hair and skin and started to formulate her own products right in her kitchen at home. She learned how to create formulas using the tips, tricks and guides from some of the worlds best formulators, even enrolling to do a mini course with Formula Botanica, a well renowned Organic cosmetic formulation school based in the UK. With lots of research and experiments, the formulations started to come together and thus Mountain Rose was born…..”but what am I to call this business? ” Cindy-ann lived on a hill and her favourite flower was a rose so she decided to combine those two things together and came up with Mountain Rose.

“I am enough, I deserve to be loved and cherished, I am precious, I am beautiful, I will take care of myself because self care isn’t a luxury…it’s a necessity”

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